It started with a will to make Braille typography playful and finding different shapes within Braille arrangements. The idea moved towards making tools for kids to learn anatomy of things through typography. I have to thank Parul Joshi for her suggestion of 

adding realistic shapes around the text. From there, I went on 

to develop it as a puzzle that kids could fit together to learn about 

how things look. 


I wouldn't have been able to see the idea materialize if it weren't for Ankit, who spent hours developing the prototype models in 3D software. And this project might have just remained an idea if it weren't for the motivation and support of Dr. Vipin.

I am really grateful to the good people at the Camera Culture Group of MIT Media Lab and all the other equally amazing institutes for organising the 
DIy workshop, where the idea was conceived, and received tremendous encouragement. 


There are so many people who have helped me put

this project together. To all of them, thank you!


Video by  Debanshu Bhaumik  Project & Site by  Tania Jain

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